What Video Products Do You Offer?

Steno offers a variety of video products to meet your unique needs. Choose the option that works best for you.


Our standard video product incorporates footage of the witness with a text overlay of their name, the date, and a timestamp.

Text-to-Video Sync enables you to watch the video of the witness alongside the transcript using Timecoder software. This product is very useful for trial and allows viewers to follow along with the deponent's testimony word for word.

Picture In Picture, or PiP, includes a video thumbnail of the deponent overlaid on the shared exhibit. In a trial, this product enables you to show a deponent's reaction to an exhibit as they are viewing it.

Text-to-picture-in-picture sync includes all the benefits of Standard Video, PiP, and Text-to-Video Sync, plus:

  • The attorney can see the current
    presented exhibit with a live reaction
    from the witness
  • The attorney can easily navigate to
    different segments of the video by
    clicking on the transcript that has been
    synced to the PiP video

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If you need a specific file format, view the complete list of formats we can provide.