How Do I Book Jobs With Steno on Litify's Platform?

Litify and Steno now work together, making it easy to book court reporting services directly on your Litify case management platform. After your deposition, view all your files in one place, without ever leaving your case management platform.

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing your Steno jobs
  2. Booking a Steno job on your Litify platform
  3. Steno services on Litify  
  4. What happens after I book a job?
  5. FAQ

Where do I find Steno Jobs in Litify?

In Litify, you can access Steno Jobs by clicking the Steno Jobs tab. Depending on your window size, Steno Jobs may be found under the More tab, as seen below.

How do I book a job with Steno on my Litify platform?

Once you select a Matter, you can navigate to the Steno Jobs tab and send a Booking Request to Steno by clicking the Book a job button.

You will be prompted to fill out a job booking form with details about your request. There are two ways to submit your request.

1. Submit a Booking Request with Files

If you have a file, like a notice of deposition, that contains the job details, you can upload that file by either dropping it into the Files box or by clicking to Select files from computer

Once the file is uploaded, you will see it populate the form. You can click the file name to view or delete the file.

You can then continue to fill out the rest of the form fields:

  • I need this job tomorrow (yes or no)
  • Duration
  • Services needed
  • Additional notes/comments

Once all the information is entered, click the Submit booking request button.

2. Submit a Booking Request Without Files

If you do not have any relevant files, you can submit the information manually. Click the I don't have a notice toggle and fields will populate the form asking for information about the job.

Fill out the rest of the job information and services needed then click the Submit booking request button.

You successfully submitted a job and should now see the following screen.

What Services Can I Order in a Booking Request?

Court Reporter

A Court Reporter will transcribe the job and provide a final draft that can be used to create a transcript. 

Additional Options:

  • Realtime - A realtime Court Reporter will transcribe the job in real-time. Participants will be supplied with a link to follow along with the transcript as the reporter creates it.
  • Rough draft - A rough draft of the transcript can be requested before the transcript is finalized. 


All videographer orders come with standard video, which includes a video of the witness with date and timestamp.

Additional Options:

Picture in Picture (PiP)

  • Video thumbnail of the deponent is overlaid on the shared exhibit.
  • A clip of the PiP can be used at trial to show a deponent's reaction to an exhibit.

Text to Video Sync

  • Transcript and video are synced.
  • Video plays along with the transcript and matches word for word.
  • Used to create closed captions.
  • The attorney can create clips to be used at trial.

Learn more about Steno's video products.


If needed, an interpreter can be added to any job. You'll also be able to select a language from the drop-down menu.

Equipment Rental

Steno can provide the following equipment to conduct the job:

  • LTE-enabled Tablet/Computer
  • Backdrop
  • Conference speaker

What Happens After a Job is Booked?

Once a booking request comes in, our team gets working on it right away. There are five sections in the Steno Jobs tab that correspond to the steps in the process.

1. Booking Received

This is where Jobs you have recently requested live. Services requested for each job are shown as tags to the right.

2. Scheduled

Once the job has been processed and scheduled, the booking request will move to the Scheduled section and you will receive an email letting you know the job has been scheduled.

Clicking into a scheduled job will allow you to view the Job details as well as access the link to join remotely, or in-person location information.

3. In Progress

After the Scheduled Job has occurred, the Job enters Production and the Job moves to the In Progress section.

Clicking into an In Progress job will allow you to access any Job Files as soon as they become available.

4. Completed

Once all materials for a job have been turned in, the Booking Request moves to the Completed section.

Clicking into a Completed job will give you access to all job files.

5. Past Removed Jobs

Booking Requests that have been canceled or put on hold will move into the Past Removed Jobs Section.

Clicking into a job will show you the Job info and the reason it was moved to this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to reschedule or cancel a job.

Email and we will assist you.

My past jobs aren't showing up for my Matter.

Email and we will assist you.

I need to check on the status of a transcript or a video.

Email and we will assist you.

Do the files in the Steno jobs tab use storage space in Litify or Docrio?

No, all of the Steno job files reside on Steno's secure servers and are always available to download whenever you need them.