Understanding Steno Representative Roles in Your Deposition

During every deposition you take with Steno, we ensure everything goes smoothly. Read on to learn more about the roles Steno team members play and how they handle logistics so you can focus on practicing law.


When you request video of your deposition, Steno provides a Videographer to capture the proceeding.

In addition to managing the recording, they also perform additional duties such as the legal read on and off and announcing when the court is on and off the record.

The Videographer will also help troubleshoot technical issues as they arise and provide you with excellent customer service.

Steno Technology Assistant

If you do not request video of your deposition, a Steno Technology Assistant is present to ensure a seamless experience for all attendees.

While providing excellent customer service, the assistant prepares participants for the virtual proceeding on your behalf. The Assistant works one on one with each participant to set up their video and audio connections.

The Steno Technology Assistant will also troubleshoot other technical issues as they arise through the deposition duration.

Remote Exhibit Assistant 

One of the features of Steno Connect enables anyone in the meeting to upload and mark exhibits directly in the videoconferencing platform. Meaning, you do not have to send exhibits before the day of your deposition.

However, if you would like to have Steno manage the preparation and handling of your exhibits, we will provide you with a Remote Exhibit Assistant. 

This Assistant will handle exhibits on your behalf. In addition, they can upload, introduce, and mark exhibits if your deposition is taking place via Zoom or Steno Connect.

Additionally, they can train participants on annotation procedures and present, save, and download exhibits for you.