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START HERE: A Guide to Remote Depositions

An extensive guide for court reporters and agencies that are interested in learning how to do fully remote depositions, and what we believe to be the best practices when doing so.

This article is intended as an introduction to doing remote depositions in an attempt to give as much information to both court reporters and existing court reporting agencies on how to get started.  We've tried our best to document not only what we feel are the best practices in setting up remote depositions, but we try and explain our course of action to give a better understanding of our process.  However, every reporter and agency should be able to glean what they need to continue doing remote depositions in a fashion that works for them.

Webinar for Court Reporters

The first place to start would be to watch this webinar explaining how to get started.  The webinar was intended to be a detailed look into doing remote depositions, covering everything from legal precedent to equipment needed, and finally showing a mock deposition along with a Q&A session.

This webinar is a jumping off point for other articles in our Knowledge Base here at Steno.com and is strongly recommended that it is watched before continuing on to other articles.


Remote Deposition Process 

Next, to better understand the deposition process we recommend you read our article, Remote Deposition Process, on the steps we take to ensure a smooth deposition occurs.  This article is aimed at making sure all parties feel as comfortable with the technology as possible. It also contains the scripts and additional information around the specific steps taken before and during the deposition.

Remote Deposition Court Reporter FAQs

Even with all the information we have published, we understand that there are still a lot of unanswered questions.  We have heard a number of additional questions from many court reporters and agencies and in response have created a Frequently Asked Questions page to try and answer these questions.  Hopefully, this is a start to easing into the remote deposition process and getting everyone confident in being able to take on this new frontier. 

Please find our FAQ page here: Remote Deposition Court Reporter FAQ

We will continue to add to this page as time progresses and issues arise.  If you have questions concerning remote depositions or feedback in general, please feel free to reach out to us at concierge@steno.com.  We always appreciate hearing from you!