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Paperless Policy FAQ

Steno is going green! Here's what you need to know as a court reporter.

Why did Steno go paperless?

Just as we value the safety of you, our providers, we value the health of our team and community during this pandemic. We also want to do our part to reduce waste and protect the environment. We have received feedback from many of our clients echoing these values and requesting service modifications to accommodate decreased handling of paper products. 

Do attorneys working with Steno know about this policy?

Yes! We are actively communicating this policy during the onboarding process. If you encounter an attorney who does not seem familiar with this policy, please let them know we have gone paperless and direct them to Steno to confirm their printing options. 

What if a firm orders a printed copy?

That's not a problem! We do not want to jeopardize your relationships with attorneys that have a particular printing preference and we appreciate you taking the extra time to remind them that we are moving in another direction.

Even though we would like to go completely green, we will always have some firms that want to maintain a default printing status and we are okay with that. Simply note that they would like printing and we will handle it from there.