Viewing and Paying Invoices On Your Firm Dashboard

See invoice details, share links externally, download a summary statement of the account, and more.

You can now view and pay your invoices conveniently on your firm dashboard. Invoices are categorized by case and separated by payment terms, Net30 and DelayPay. 

Screenshot of firm dashboard

How to View and Pay invoices on the Firm Dashboard

To view your invoices, navigate to the “Billings” tab by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner. 

Selecting the invoice id number of any open invoice on the billings tab will redirect you to the invoice page, displaying an itemized list of charges. 

If an invoice is overdue, the invoice page will show how many days the invoice is overdue in the due date column.

screenshot showing overdue invoice

Selecting the "Download PDF" option will download the invoice as a PDF file that you can print or share.

Sample invoice downloaded as a PDF

Choosing the "Pay Now" option in the top right corner of the invoice page will take you to the invoice's Stripe payment page.

Screenshot of Stripe payment page

If there are no open invoices for you to see, the billings tab will appear, as seen below.

Screenshot of firm dashboard with no unpaid invoicesHow to Pay Multiple Invoices at Once

You can pay for multiple invoices at once by selecting the necessary invoices and clicking the "Pay Selected Invoices" button.

You cannot pay more than 50 invoices or perform transactions of over a million dollars at a time.

If your firm has more than 50 invoices, there will not be a select-all option.

Paying Your Invoices With Stripe

Clicking the “Pay Selected Invoices" button will redirect you to the Stripe payment page, where you can see all of your previously selected invoices grouped into one transaction.

Screenshot of invoices to be paid on Stripe

As you can see in the above image, an invoice-level breakdown of transactions will appear on the left-hand side. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll be redirected to the open invoices page.

Tokenized Links

You also can share a tokenized link to view your invoices with someone who does not already have login credentials for your dashboard.

If users reach the firm dashboard through a tokenized link, they will not see their name in the header.

Additionally, they will not be able to download a statement of account unless they log in to the dashboard and will not be able to navigate to other sections of your firm’s dashboard.