How Do Interpreters Introduce Themselves on Record during a California-based Deposition?

All interpreters booked for California-based Steno depositions do an on-the-record introduction in accordance to California Government Code Section 68561.

Steno requires all interpreters working on a Steno-booked job in California to read the following into the record at the beginning of a deposition:

Pursuant to California Government Code Section 68561, I state for the record:

"I am a [certified/registered] interpreter, able to provide interpreter services in this matter from English to [Insert Foreign Language] and from [Insert Foreign Language] to English. My [certification/registration] number is [Insert Number]
I have an oath on file with the [Insert Court Where Oath is On File (for instance, the Los Angeles Superior Court)].  OR

IF no oath on file say the following:

I do solemnly swear that I will make a true interpretation to the witness in [Insert Foreign Language] a language that the witness understands and will make a true interpretation of the witness’s answers to questions to counsel, court, or jury, in the English language, with my best skill and judgment. 

(3) I have provided the parties with documentation that verifies my [certification/registration number] and my identity. "