How Should I Set Up My Remote Deposition Room?

Considerations for a seamless and professional remote deposition

Now that remote depositions have become the norm, you can depose anyone from anywhere, with nothing more than a smartphone.  But just because you can do that doesn’t mean you should.  How you look and sound during a remote deposition says a lot about how seriously you take the case and, by extension, how seriously opposing counsel will take you.


Whenever possible, we recommend setting up a dedicated remote deposition room in your office complete with all of the technology you need to come across as the professional advocate you are.  The following components will help you look and sound your best: 


    1. Quality monitor
    2. External webcam
    3. External speakers
    4. External microphone
    5. Background and lighting 


What to Look for In a Monitor

The monitor you will use for your remote deposition should be large enough so you can easily see everyone and read exhibits that are marked during the deposition. We recommend this 32 inch, 4k option


What to Look for in a Webcam

To achieve the best video quality, the webcam should be high definition and connect by USB to your computer. This one from Logitech is a good option. 


What to Look for in Speakers

Using external speakers helps to provide a rich, clear sound from the remote deposition. Your speakers don’t need to be fancy but should be from a reputable manufacturer.  We like these; they are affordable and effective. 


What to Look for in a Microphone

The external microphone is important so everyone can hear you clearly. Garbled sound leads to inaccurate transcripts, which are not good for anyone. We recommend this microphone from Blue Yeti, which has very good sound quality.


Setting Up Your Remote Deposition Room

Many people overlook the importance of lighting on remote depositions, but a well-lit room is a key to appearing professional.  As a general rule, make sure you are facing the best light source available.  If your room is darker than you want, you can use an external light source like this one to help you out. 

Finally, do not forget about what is behind you.  Plain white walls look, well, plain.  Try adding some artwork or wallpaper to give the room depth.  Steno also offers delivery of neutral backgrounds for remote deposition participants, if needed.  If you are taking a remote deposition from your home, make sure to tidy the room you are using so it looks professional in the background. 

If you have any questions about your remote deposition room, our experienced team can guide you through suggestions for optimal setup. Contact us and we will be happy to help.